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Five Useful Tools That Freelancers Should Know

Self-employment or freelancer become more prevalent in society. The number of freelancers has increased significantly because of this pandemic situation. It makes people assume that self-employment is an excellent career choice today. They can earn good money without leaving home. Whether you are a freelance writer or a management consultant, all candidates share some common challenges for suppliers, such as maximizing turnover, coordinating their activities, planning customer orders, etc. With the right tools, each of these problems becomes a child’s play to solve. Below are five resources that self-employed workers should know;


Invoice Software

Paying invoices on time with nominal prices is a constant battle for manufacturers to win their customers’ budgets and schedules. The easier it is to make this process work, the faster you get paid. You’ll find a large number of billing software options available on the market today, but one of the freelancers’ favorites is Freshbooks. This cloud accounting software allows you to create professional accounts based on templates that are often free. It is very recommended to use its other features for simple accounting.

Note-Taking Apps invoice

By the nature of the work you’re doing, you’re doing a great thing. You don’t have a fixed schedule, and you are willing to work where you want. Some might say that you are frequently on the move because you work between specialized jobs whenever you have time.

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking tools. It is a cloud-based plan to keep files, notes, receipts, and documents handy. You can also take pictures of important messages or reminders and organize them according to their importance.

Online Shared-Calendars

In case you need to stay on the same page with your customers or other employees every day, a calendar that most employees can easily share will be beneficial for your work. It is precious for the sales staff of a consulting firm or similar industry. It is essentially a digital assistant that allows you to connect to Google Calendar to make appointments and stay organized with your clients.

Online Shared-Documents

A tool that allows you to store and share documents in the cloud can also be valuable for many freelancers. It is the perfect approach to connect and interact with clients and team members. It is beneficial to have a client at hand who wants to understand your progress and take notes or make changes on the fly.

Google Drive is the most popular and reliable tool of its kind today. It includes files, spreadsheets, photos, and more that allow you to edit and share. With your permission, customers and employees will comment or modify your contributions, creating a much more holistic view of your work.

Website and Apps Blockers

Many vendors report that their favorite distractions are the various programs and websites they prefer to watch often. Social sites, games, movie streaming sites, shopping applications, and more can be significant distractions when deadline approaches. You should then apply the blockers software on your devices. It will block any website or program on your computer that is a distraction. Therefore, you can be more focused on your work.

Those are five tools that could help you work from home. You can start to consider using the tools to help you stay organized and effective as a freelancer. Therefore, you can optimize your work to be perfect.