Ways to Win Foosball Every Time

Foosball has been around for the last few decades. Even then, it has proved to be an exhilarating game. How you embrace this game differs greatly from others. These are some tips to help you improve your game so that when every body starts bringing out the foosball tables, you can be sure that you’ll be go to go.

Do Not Spin

foosball tableIdeally, spinning is illegal and detrimental to your efforts of trying to improve the game. It is a misconception among casual and novice foosball players that spinning can help disrupt the opponent’s pace in the midfield and when it comes to shooting. However, spinning can make you lose control of the players and can turn your pass or shot into a disastrous effort. In fact, you can easily score an own goal thanks to spinning.

Learn Sideways Shunt

If a defender is right in front of the striker, what should you do? This also applies to the way you attempt to play the ball when blocked by an opponent. The average foosball player reacts to your situation with frustration, panic, and desperation. Instead, you should gain the ability to tap the ball sideways such that you always have a player beside you.

Use Your Goalkeeper Properly

That can be a tough task. In most cases, you will need to manage your goalkeeper with your weak hand, but you are required to make short reaction times and sharp reflexes. However, if you utilize this fully, this can be a strength instead of a weakness. You ought to master the art of controlling a goalkeeper with one hand and managing the ball outfield with the other hand.

Deal with Hostile Elements

Most players do not make it to the top. That is the cruel and sad reality of foosball. This explains why most players keep playing foosball in domestic platforms. This exposes the table to different types of elements. Pets and siblings, for instance, can cause more harm to the table than good. Thus, even if your table looks so pristine, make the effort to care for it. Always make sure that it’s in proper condition so that you have nothing else to worry about your performance when you play. You are not being charged by having the best resources; it is when everything else is missing.

foosball table

Master the Basics

To get started with the game, you need to learn a few basic techniques. Start by making powerful movements with the wrists and perform quick sideways shunts to the strike partner and then get the ball into the net. Try to score a goal at crucial stages of the game.